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Light, Heat & Power You Can Carry with You

If you are looking for portable and standby generators, let us help you find what best suits your needs. In areas outside the electric grid or during power outages, you have your own microgeneration centre at your home or business. With a wide range of Cummins Onan® and Generac®, Orser carries commercial grade and residential units, which run on alternative fuels like propane. Permanently installed or portable for mobile services, let us know the electric generator looking for and Orser Technical has it.


Worried about installation? Our fully qualified installers are ready for your call, and Orser’s electricians also specialize in panel fabrication for custom applications.


Solar or Standby Generator - Go Green with Microgeneration

Have power, heat and light when and where you need it, off the grid. Orser Technical Services has branched out into the areas of green microgeneration – producing electric power on a small scale to meet your individual energy needs.


Solar power systems and standby generators from Orser Technical offer environmentally friendly power when the traditional electric grid is far away or unreliable. Learn how Orser can solve your problems with accessing electric power for residential and commercial applications with installation, parts and service.

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