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E-cycling for a brighter future
Zero landfill policy

Reuse, Refurbish & Recycle

Reduce your impact on the earth and conduct business in a more environmentally friendly manner when you partner with Orser Technical Services. We believe unwanted electronics shouldn’t end up in landfills. We live up to our policy of recycling not only the usual paper, plastic and metal but also old equipment and electronics.


Plus, Orser Technical has formed a strategic alliance with recycling depots that are certified through the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) and has the most secure data destruction services, which guarantee that your confidential data is destroyed and safe from dishonest uses.


Precious Metals & Reusable Plastics

Most of the parts of electronic waste are steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals, and they can be recovered and made into new

Circuit boards

products. Many times electronic equipment like computers, printers and televisions can be reused, further cutting down on waste by avoiding dumping in the landfill sites.


Help Orser Support the OES Mission

The goal of the OES program is to keep more of these electronics from ending up in landfills and to encourage more responsible reuse and safe recycling opportunities. All of the products listed below can be reclaimed for reuse, refurbishing or recycling.

  • Amplifiers, tuners & speakers

  • Audio players & turntables

  • DVD players, VCRs & televisions

  • Cameras

  • Cell phones, telephones & answering machines

  • Computers & peripherals

  • Copiers, scanners & fax machines

  • Monitors & printers

  • Pagers & PDAs

  • Radios & receivers

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