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Gray Tools Canada Inc.

Insulated Tools from Gray Tools Canada Inc.

Gray Tools insulated tools catalogue

Gray Tools Canada Inc. is proud to launch its newest line of insulated hand tools designed to protect maintenance professionals, such as electricians and linesmen, who work in proximity to live electrical current. The new assortment of 1000V insulated tools includes a complete offering of sockets, wrenches, hex keys, ratchets, pliers, screwdrivers cutting tools and other vital hand tools.


According to Dragos Baicoianu, Brand Manager, "Several key factors make our new line of insulated tools unique in the marketplace. Firstly, underneath every certified twin layer of insulation is a Gray hand tool. This means every tool has the quality and reliability professionals have come to know and respect for over 100 years. Secondly our new offering is broader

and deeper than what is commonly seen in the marketplace. Our selection reflects the needs of the professional user who used tools to make a living. Finally, Gray Tools has the unique ability to insulate nearly any tool found in its general hand tool category, should a user need require it".


The development of this new line of tools comes as part of larger strategic thrust as explained by company President Gary Nuttall, "Expansion into the insulated tool category is part of Gray Tools' broader commitment to reducing workplace accidents. By collaborating with a local insulation specialist, we were able to develop a complete line of insulated tools, including sockets and attachments, wrenches, and cutting tools."


In addition to providing protection to up 1000 V, every tool is also covered by a lifetime warranty. The new line will be available across in Canada via the company's network of 2000 industrial and safety supply distributors. Internationally, the insulated tool line will be supported by a network of specialized local resellers. Resellers can be found at


As Canada's leading hand tool manufacturer, Gray Tools is at the forefront of the latest challenges and factors influencing the maintenance, repair and operation of industrial machinery. The expansion into the insulated tool category aims to provide peace of mind to professionals who put their trust in the Gray name for over 100 years.


About Gray Tools

Gray Tools Canada Inc. ( of Brampton, ON, is the only industrial-quality manufacturer of hand tools in Canada and has been manufacturing high-quality hand tools since 1912. The company currently offers more than 6,000 industrial product solutions and operates two warehouses in Canada.


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