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 FIT is Still Alive!

The microFIT program for solar power ends this year, but if you have a south facing unobstructed roof with an area of 1000 sq. ft. or more, it is still possible to secure a contract before the deadline. Call us today and ask for your no-cost consultation to determine if a microFIT installation can work for you.

Or contact Tony Telford directly at 705-326-6427 or ttelford@orsertechnical.com

building sunlight Solar Power

Orser Helps You Microfit with the Ontario Power Authority

By introducing the microFIT and FIT programs, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has enabled the development of eco-friendly power generation for individuals and small business owners. Now you can develop your own small – the “micro” in microgeneration – renewable energy project on your property. Consult with Orser technicians for the solar power equipment and installation that gives you electricity generation of 10 kilowatts or less.

Earn Guaranteed Payments for Your Solar Energy

Ontario homeowners, farmers or small-business owners also have an opportunity to sell their energy back to the grid. Under the microFIT program, OPA pays a guaranteed price for all the electricity your project produces for at least 20 years. Larger projects fall under FIT program rules.

Consider the Advantages of an Orser Solar Energy System

Do your part in creating a healthier environment by generating renewable energy, which helps replace coal-fired generation and reduces greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Orser Technical Services is your dealer for a variety of solar energy systems that offer other green advantages, including:

  • Quick payback period of less than 10 years
  • Virtually no work for a consistent passive income
  • Hassle-free purchase & installation
  • Tax advantages are available
  • Eligibility for Environmental Farm Plan grants up to $5,000


Canadian Solar

If you are considering installation of your own solar energy system, talk to the Orser experts first. We can help you choose the warrantied solar modules perfect for your needs from Canadian Solar in West Guelph.


DEGERenergie Solar Tracking Systems

Follow the sun with a tracker system from DEGER energie. Solar panels are mounted on a DEGER tracking device, which follows the sun to produce maximum energy production per day. The DEGER dual axis trackers have the capability of approximately 40% greater efficiency than a fixed or roof-mounted system or an average of 5.6 - 6 hours of sun per day.

Solar or Standby Generator – Go Green with Microgeneration

Have power, heat and light when and where you need it, off the grid. Orser Technical Services has branched out into the areas of green microgeneration – producing electric power on a small scale to meet your individual energy needs.

Solar power systems and standby generators from Orser Technical offer environmentally friendly power when the traditional electric grid is far away or unreliable. Learn how Orser can solve your problems with accessing electric power for residential and commercial applications with installation, parts and service.

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